To whom it may concern

The Canadian Training Center of Human Development that founded by Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky in Montreal, Canada, has not forced to close its doors or to stop its activity after Dr. Elfiky passed away. We continue keeping his memory alive by conducting his teachings and trainings. Also, we invite you to consult the link below to […]

Good News

 As a result of Dr. Elfiky’s passing, “The Arabic Canadian Trainer Foundation” has been stopped its activity and replaced by  ”The International Trainers’ Academy” that is based in Montreal, Canada and registered with the Canadian Government. In order to get more information about  the academy” activities and membership requisition,  please email us:


Ibrahim Elfiky’s Oasis

As continuation of Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky’s Life Mission, we offer free Arabic monthly online magazine “Ibrahim Elfiky’s Oasis” that based on his values # 4 of February 2013  we invite you to share his thoughts and knowledge by clicking on the issue below Also, we encourage Dr. Elfiky’s followers and fans to participate in the […]

Important Notice #1

As a sole headquarter of Canadian Training Center of Human Development,  in Montreal – Canada, we are not affiliated with the following training courses:   “Learn & Teach” Scholarship” “Dr. Elfiky’s Scholarship” “Learn & Teach” Scholarship” “Dr. Elfiky’s Scholarship”   The previously mentioned courses are sponsored by Cairo “The Canadian Center” that established after Dr. Elfiky passed […]

Important Notice #2

Ibrahim Elfiky International Enterprises inc. (Montreal – Canada) Warns the public that the Canadian Centre for Human Development scheduled to open in Alexandria is not affiliated or linked to its activities and all their certificates are not issued from the headquarter that Dr. Elfiky founded in Montreal – Canada.

Important Notice #3

The company “Best Aura” who belongs to Ahmed Al-Ashhab, is not associated with ”The Canadian Training Center of Human Development” Headquarter that was founded by Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky in Montreal – Canada. Also, the previously mentioned company represents only “The Canadian Company” that established in Cairo after Dr. Elfiky passed away. In addition, Al-Ashhab was prevented  to use “Advisor […]


Free Donation

As continuation of Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky’s Life Mission, his wife “Mrs. Amal Elfiky” donated the full contents of his library including all his research books, free to the certified trainer “Dr. Manal Eldeeb”. In the spirit of Dr. Elfiky’s generosity, Dr. Eldeeb committed to keep them in a special library and they will be available […]